Monday, 10 October 2011

Why Are Priests Happy?

So here's the question: why are priests happy?

Most of you will know about the exclusive interview by the Catholic news agency Zenit, with Monsignor Stephen Rossetti, where he revealed that priests are amongst the happiest members of society. The survey, one of the most comprehensive ever with over 2, 500 priests being interviewed, revealed that Joy really is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. In fact, priest's are so joyful that in this particular study 92.4 of them revealed that they were happy. This is a challenge to the secular mindset which see religion as repressive,and consequently those who have taken the clothe as the most repressed.

It is true that the secular culture values freedom at all else, and believes that therein will be found happiness. They are not wrong.  A bright spark of an idea came to me. Perhaps it's the freedom found within commitment which makes us happy. Well it seem's so. A few clicks and a Google search later and the evidence is clear that married couples are also not only happier, but also healthier and wealthier. So then I thought I would like to prove my theory - and in my mind I have. Are Nuns happy? well yes it seems so...

So the world is looking for happiness and they are even looking in the right place, but they don't see it because they are blinded by one of the Devil's half truths. But the message is clear for us who live in the truth. Do not be afraid to commit: Marriage, Religious Life, Priesthood... you'll be better of for it!

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