Monday, 24 October 2011

Make sure your watching TV tomorrow (even today (I'm up quite late))

Papal visits, the death and election of a Pope, and other things Papacy related tend to be the only times at which we can feel we're being Good Catholics just by watching the TV. Well, if you watch TV (BBC 1) tomorrow at 10.30 PM you can get one of those rare opportunities - and it's completely Pope free! (not that that's a good thing...)

Documentary following the stories of two women in their early twenties as they prepare to become nuns.
At the beginning of the twenty-first century, becoming a nun might seem like an extraordinary thing to do. Yet each year in Britain, a small but growing number of young women are giving up careers, boyfriends and everything they own to devote themselves entirely to God. So who are these women, and why are they willingly choosing lives of poverty, chastity and obedience?
Clara is 23. She is bright and popular, and has just graduated from university. To her classmates' amazement, Clara has decided to join a community of nuns who live closed off from the outside world, dedicating their days to prayer and silent contemplation.
25-year-old Catherine has travelled, dated and even worked as a catwalk model, but her childhood dream of becoming a nun has never left her. Could it provide the fulfilment she has been searching for? Or will the sacrifice of marriage and motherhood prove too much?
Sister Jacinta entered the convent at 28. She is a member of The Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal, one of Britain's most youthful religious orders, where the nuns' average age is just 30.
Filmed over 6 months, the documentary gives a unique insight into a rarely-seen world, challenging stereotypes and exploring what convent life can still offer young women today.

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