Monday, 17 October 2011

I can hear something...

...Ooooh, that's right, it's you asking me what I've just spent the last few hours doing! Well you can take a look:

Yes; I've been making a new pro Life website specifically for use in Birmingham and the surrounding area. It's not quite finished yet, but it soon will be, and then I'll need to promote it like a crazy person.

Please, if you are able to make a donation for pro life work in Birmingham then it would be great to hear from you. There are a few things which need doing/paying for at the moment, not least of all certain aspects of the website being improved, 40 days for Life and a few other things. Anyway I'll stop going on. Give me an email, and I'll be able to give you more information about where it will go.


  1. Well done! I wish every blessing on your new site and on your desire to promote the pro-Life cause in Birmingham. I will try promoting your venture on my own blog by the end of the week.

    God bless,


  2. I second Dylan's remarks.

    God bless you and your efforts.


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