Thursday, 13 October 2011

Can you translate my Christianese?

Christians, like all subcultures, so says Laura Ziesel, speak using distinct language. She's right that so called Christianese probably alienates many outside the fold and no doubt frustrates some within the Body (although everyone from the Rupture-Brigade to the Traddies are guilty of using it). On the other hand brethren, it undoubtedly helps us to reinforce our sense of identity and community, and many of the words and phrases come from the Good Book itself. We Catholics are without doubt the most lost as far as it's concerned, so you can test your Catholicese here by seeing if you can translate this:

The Lamb works in mysterious ways! Brethren, may the Spirit help me testify about how I became washed in the Blood and became a new man. I now rest safely in the wounds of our saviour, and under the mantle Our Lady. I used to be a dead man. For many years I walked in the shadows of darkness; Fornication and vice were my daily bread. Mia culpa! mia culpa! mia maxima culpa! The seed of faith was planted in my life by a proddy, when a brother in the Lord told me the Good News, he told me my real treasure was to be found above. It was at this point that a rad trad, a full on smells and bells type came to to lead me home to Rome. Here the seed grew under the nourishment of the sacraments. Communion with the Holy Father was divine, but something was missing. I had Holy Scripture, devotions, and the Magesterium but I knew I was becoming institutional and lest my soul slipped amongst the dead, I wanted to become a more evangelical again. By the grace of the Almighty I did so within Mother Church. The Lord spoke to my heart and I discerned then that my vocation was to be worker in the Vineyard. I now go to the mission lands to bring the presence of Holy One to those outside of his elect. Often this requires me to love my enemies, but by the grace of God and the strength gained by daily ado I trust the almighty will lead me to victory.

If you struggled with that, perhaps you could benefit from from this:

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  1. LOL - but good point, though.

    St Francis de Sales sad that preachers must always remain within the bounds of simplicity and put their words on the level of every person's understanding. I fear that some words of Catholicese wouldn't pass St Francis's test!


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