Tuesday, 13 September 2011

We must be doing something right!

I'm currently looking for a job.

Out of interest I decided to look at the Church Times (Anglican Newspaper) website's job section. They have loads of jobs!!!

Have a look yourself at the websites of every catholic newspaper, and diocesan website in this country - you might be lucky to find more jobs than you have fingers (I know because I've tried).

This got me thinking. They (Anglicans) have more: money (lots), churches (nice old ones which look remarkable familiar to Catholic ones from the early 15th century), vicars (half the people who go to their services..bad Sean), relaxed rules (they can keep this one), nominal members (over half the country), staff, land, fun, general niceties (cakes sales, community groups blah blah blah), positive news coverage (they're not all paedophiles), reputation (they're not all paedophiles), lay participation (they not afraid they'll get attacked by a paedophile..or am I getting carried away..bad Sean), choice, 'community', primary schools, church websites, flexibility (some are more catholic than the Pope, some are more 'inclusive' than Peter Tatchell), community events,  and general wishy washyness.

We have been suppressed almost to extinction
I'm not really sure why I added this photo
hmm.. seriously
Liverpool cathedrals. Guess which ones catholic?
It's official - they're wishy washy!
I took this photo
It's official we're controvercial
We get our fair share of bad press

We (Catholics) have more: negative press (we're all paedophiles), rules/obligations ( : ) ), formal/uniform liturgy's (also : ) ), homeless people sleeping in the pews (in London at any rate - and it's a gooooood thing), fanatics, ugly 60's churches, martyrs... yadah yadah yadah...

We also get more people to mass each week (A survey of 37,000 churches showed the number of people going to Sunday Mass in England last year averaged 861,000, compared with 852,000 Anglicans  ­worshipping).

So what are we doing right (aside from being the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church of course)?...

Pope Benedict adores Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament with 50, 000 other young people in Hyde Park. 
See I really like the fact that the only thing we have to offer that's different is a meaningless piece of bread to 'the world'. Call me old fashioned, but hey!

Our lady of Walsingham.

Pray for the conversion of England.

Pray that I get a job.



  1. The Anglicans also have God - just as much as Catholics do, if what Catholics believe about God is true - that God is present in all thing. "Wishy-washyness" may simply mean recognising the omnipresence of the God of love.

  2. Well I don't think that they do have God just as much, primarily through the example above. The catholic church does not teach that the body and blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ is to be found in everything - only in the Blessed Sacrament. Also, by wishy-washyness I meant a general tendency to to dumb down, water down, and down right change the faith.

  3. Hi I am a traditionalist Anglican (an anglo-catholic) who just happened to stumble upon your blog.

    I agree that the C of E has a tendency to water things down and I am appaled by this and their views on homosexuality, women priests and other bits but be careful of criticising something in another church which is also apparent in the RC Church.

    I give an example. Last year I seriously considered becoming a Roman Catholic and so attending a local mass on a sunday the priest asked the congregation to face each other rather than the tabernacle or altar during the hymns, there was no prayers of intercessions and even the priest who had previously come into our anglican church for an open day event we had said the words 'your church seems more catholic than mine'.

    My point is just be careful about what you say about what people believe and how they practice.

  4. If you read what i put, it's actually more like 'despite the failures, shortcoming and disadvantages of the Catholic Church we must be doing something right'. Please don't take what I said to seriously, as it was meant to be light-hearted. The sole objective of this post is to highlight the importance of a church centred on the Eucharist rather than to criticise certain practises.

  5. Very Funny post Sean.

    What Sean is stating is truth. Anon there are rogue liberal parishes but what they are doing is unacceptable. It is not a true reflection of the Catholic Church.



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