Thursday, 14 July 2011

An ordinary man God did extraordinary things with.

I've just been seriously surprised watching a video showing some clips of an ordinary man - Padre Pio!

Sometimes it's difficult to not think of extraordinary saints almost like demi-gods. Let me explain. This holy man, as you may already know, received the stigmata (the five wounds of Christ's crucifixion on this body), amongst a whole host of other supernatural phenomenon including: bi-location (appearing in two places at the same time), reading souls (knowing peoples hidden sins during confession), healing (even in other continents), prophecy (including prophesying to the young Pope John Paul II that he would one day hold the 'highest position in the church'), the gift of tongues (speaking and understanding languages he had never learned). If that wasn't enough he regularly received visions from the Lord, the Blessed Virgin Mary, his guardian angel, and even the devil! Since his death many miracles have been attributed to his intercession, whilst his body remains completely uncorrupted. After being revered throughout the world, he was canonised in 2002, just 34 years after his death, by Blessed Pope John Paul II. His shrine now annually attracts over 8 million pilgrims.

Now I want you to watch the video below..

Like me whilst watching this video you may have noticed something unexpected - the ordinariness! Opening letters, wearing glasses, limping, talking to rather uninterested looking children, playing with his belt/rope, having a laugh and even eating spaghetti!(which I'm sure our 'Pastafarian' friend would be very pleased at).

Well why's all this so important?

Because like you and me Padre Pio was an ordinary man, but one whom God blessed extraordinarily. Therefore me and you, like him, can be assured that we too, like him, can be the recipients of amazing graces too! how? if we follow his example in our lives: 'Pray, hope and dont worry'

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