Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Books and Babies

After watching an mildly interesting video earlier on the BBC website, I got thinking..
The clip was essentially an advert for an exhibition which is taking place an Cambridge University Library entitled Books and Babies: Communicating Reproduction. The exhibition attempts to 'look back in time at how scholars and medical pioneers have tried to get across their messages about reproduction'. It was interesting to think just how much attitudes and practices and taboos can change.

The narrator describes how just a hundred years ago the theory of eugenics was incredibly popular, that is, improving the human population by increasing desirable genes (white, middle class) and decreasing unfavourable one ( Jewish, Disabled). Whilst Hitler might have put a stop to it's respectability when he put it into practice, it's definitely a far stretch of the imagination to think it's disappeared. One of the most prolific abortion providers in the UK is Marie Stopes, an organisation founded by - you guessed it - Marie Stopes. This cruel women was a fierce advocate of eugenics, including forced sterilisations. The fact that Marie Stopes international continues to use her as their patron is odious, but not surprising. The figures have come out for the range of medical conditions that unborn children were killed for last year, and they truly are shocking! seven children were killed for a cleft lip, whilst ten innocent downs syndrome children were killed late term for no other reason.

Its no surprise that the Pro Life Alliance had to take the government to court in order to get these figures released. These statistics are simply a symptom of a society which no longer sees any intrinsic value in human life, or sexuality.

I would greatly encourage you to write to you MP to express your concerns about these figures. Do not think for a second this is only about blobs of cells; if it were exposed that 10 premature downs syndrome children were cruelly euthanised last year for no other reason than being different, would you think twice?

Yes this is a premature baby with downs!

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