Wednesday, 13 July 2011

common sense?

We seem to live in a world with out any common sense when it comes to how to treat religion. An Austrian Driver has been allowed to wear a sieve on his head for his driving licence photo because he claims it is 'religious head wear'. As self confessed 'pastafarian', belonging to the 'church of the flying spaghetti monster', the Austrian authorities seem to have past-a point of sanity by even allowing Niko to have a driving licence. On a more serious note what does it suggest about the authorities views on genuine religious belief?

So while Austria do their thing, here's a couple other ridiculous examples from across the globe..
  • The Iranian women football team were disqualified from competing in the 2012 Olympics because they wanted to wear head scarves.
  • French authorities in 2004 banned religious children from wearing any sign of their faith in schools, including, head-scarves, skull caps, turbans, and crosses. What next - will they force Catholic children to have lessons on abortion and contraception? No wait... That's the British government.
That's a list I'll leave at two because it could go on for a very long time...

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